Coyote bar has the best downtown drink prices period!

Why look for happy hour when Coyote bar has:

Happy Hour

4-7 Seven Days a Week

1/2 off all Regular Priced Alcoholic Beverages

Select $5 Appetizers

All Day Every Day

$5 Bombs

$5 10oz Margaritas (lime)

$2 Dollar Jello Shots

$2.50 Pint of the Day


6 for $12 Yuengling, Yuengling lt

6 for $18 Corona, Corona lt

Bucket of Toes (Barefoot Wine)

4 Splits for $13


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    Bachelorette Party

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    Hanging with the Colonel

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Satisfy your late night cravings...kithcen open till 10pm!

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Buck the Ranch
The Bull is Back

Keeping the BULL tradition alive.

One big stud will be residing in the Fountain Square district at El Coyote Urban Saloon and will be guaranteed to get some action every night. In fact, both men and women will line up for a chance to straddle him, even though he will act like he doesn't like it much.

Unlike the rodeo, the purpose of the mechanical bull is more than an 8-second ride. The end-game is the fall. As our Smoking Hot bull operators will tell you…there is no one they can't get off in 3 seconds! Hmmm…We mean to say you get on the mechanical bull to get tossed…it's a bull ride not a merry-go-round.

We have not donned the stud from the southwest with a proper name yet. Here is your chance to live in Cincinnati infamy. Submit your proposed name and if we decide to christen this raging stud with your suggestion you will never pay or wait in line to ride him. As the master of the bull you will a part of royalty at El Coyote Urban Saloon!!!!!


41 East 6th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio


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